Our role is to instill hope where it doesn’t grow easily and promote change where it doesn’t seem possible. Below is a description of the programs we offer:

Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment Program:

A program where individuals participate in an intensive, outpatient treatment program. Typically, one starts the program attending a combination of 2 to 3 individual and group counseling sessions per week. As progress is made, the frequency of services decreases. Fees are based on income, and no one is denied treatment due to an inability to pay for it. Treatment is based on practices that have been proven to be effective.

DUI Programs:

The DUI programs are for people arrested for DUI or a similar alcohol-related moving violation. Usually, participants need to complete one of the DUI Programs in order to have their driving privileges reinstated. The standard program fee is $820.00, and the program is 3 months long. We are the only DUI provider in the State of Delaware that offers specialized programs for DUI offenders. Our Early Intervention Groups are designed for the first offender who doesn’t have a history of alcohol-related problems; the Recidivist Groups are for those offenders who have a history of DUI offenses and/or alcohol-related problems; the 21 and Under Group is for offenders who are in a high-risk age group to develop problems with other drugs.

Drug Court Diversion Program:

This program offers treatment to people who have been arrested for a drug charge, and are referred through Superior Court or the Court of Common Pleas. The program provides education case management; including monitoring for drug use through urine drug screens and help with other areas such as job-seeking skills. Participants report to court each month so that the court can monitor their progress. The minimum length of stay in this program is 4 to 6 months.